Beetlejuice Musical Lincoln in Lied Center

Step into the spooky and fun world of Beetlejuice The Musical! It’s a hilarious show where ghosts and spirits have a wild time. Come to the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska, for an exciting theater experience!

Beetlejuice the Musical Lincoln

What is the musical beetlejuice about?

Beetlejuice The Musical pictures the story of a young couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, who tragically died in a car accident and find themselves trapped as ghosts in their own home. In their efforts to reclaim their residence from the new living occupants, they seek the assistance of the mischievous bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice. With a blend of dark humor, supernatural elements and even heartwarming moments it offers an entertaining and thought-provoking journey for audiences.

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Beetlejuice The Musical in Lied Center for Performing Arts

You must experience the magic of the musical Beetlejuice at a live performance at the Lied Performing Arts Center. Join this unforgettable event from March 04 – 09, 2025!

Beetle juice Musical brings the beloved characters Tim Burton’s iconic film to life on stage with a wickedly entertaining twist. Don’t miss your chance and secure your tickets now and prepare for a night of unforgettable entertainment!

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The Lida Centre for the Performing Arts will visit the musical Beatlejuice

Lied Center

Finally, The Lied Center for Performing Arts is hosting Beetlejuice the Musical! With its talented cast and captivating musical numbers, the stage is set to provide unforgettable experiences for all attendees. The Lied Center for Performing Arts was opened in 1990 thanks to the support of many people in Nebraska. It was made possible by donations from the Lied Foundation Trust and others. Since then, the Lied Center has been a place to see top-quality performances.

The first show was Opera Omaha’s Madama Butterfly. D.B. “Woody” Varner. Today, the Lied Center is known as one of the best places for performing arts, not just in the Midwest, but across the country. But no matter how big it gets, it will always be Nebraska’s special place for the arts.

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The Lied Center for Performing Arts policy

Food & drink. Refreshments are usually available for purchase before the show begins and during the intermission, but we kindly request that they are enjoyed in the lobby area. Additionally, certain shows may not include an intermission.

Also, they offer the following services:

  1. Special seating options for guests with disabilities.
  2. Assisted listening devices available at the coat check.
  3. Sign Interpreters can be arranged for patrons who are hearing impaired with a two-week notice before the event.
  4. Large print programs are provided for guests with visual impairments.

Early arrival. Doors generally open one hour before the performance begins. Please arrive with ample time to go through our security procedures to avoid missing any part of the show.

Upon Entry. All individuals must undergo screening before entering the theater.

Bag Policy. All bags must not exceed dimensions of 16”x16”x8” and will be inspected upon entry.

Re-Entry. If you leave the venue, you will need to undergo screening again to re-enter.

The following items are not allowed inside the Lied Center venue:

  1. Weapons or items resembling weapons, such as firearms, knives, or pepper spray
  2. Flammable liquids
  3. Fireworks or incendiary devices
  4. Glass, metal, or plastic containers
  5. Outside food or drinks, including alcohol
  6. Oversized bags exceeding 16” x 16” x 8”
  7. Laser pointers
  8. Recording devices or professional cameras
  9. Signs, flags, or banners
  10. Guests without shirts or shoes
  11. Jewelry that could be used as a weapon
  12. Pets, except for service animals
  13. Unauthorized pamphlets or advertisements
  14. Masks for COVID protection are optional

How do I get to the Lied Centre for the Performing Arts to watch the Broadway musical Beetlejuice?

Directions and parking

Downtown Lincoln parking is easily accessible through the City of Lincoln’s metered spots or parking garages. Meters are now $1.25 per hour and most accept VISA and MasterCards as well as dollar coins, quarters and dimes, or you can use the Passport app on your smartphone.

For Lied performances we strongly recommend reserving a spot in advance for VALET PARKING or in one of the local garages.

To built a certain route please search up for this address:
301 N 12th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588-0151

Seating chart at the Lied Center for Performing Arts

The main hall can seat 2,192 people, with the opportunity for 66 additional seats by lifting the orchestra pit. Wheelchair seating and access is available.

Seating chart at the Lied Center

Buy your tickets today using the convenient seating chart above!

Beetlejuice Musical Cast

Meet the most talented cast of Beetlejuice The Musical!

  1. Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice
  2. Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia Deetz
  3. Kerry Butler as Barbara Maitland
  4. David Josefsberg as Adam Maitland
  5. Leslie Kritzer as Delia Deetz
  6. Adam Dannheisser as Charles Deetz

These people are putting on a fascinating show that you shouldn’t miss!


What is the plot of the musical Beatlejuice based on?

Beetlejuice The Musical is adapted from the 1988 Tim Burton film of the same name. The original story revolves around a young couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, who tragically died in a car accident and became ghosts haunting their own home. To reclaim their residence from the new occupants, they enlist the help of a “bio-exorcist” named Beetlejuice. While the musical largely follows this premise, there are some variations in the plot.

How long is beetlejuice the musical?

The duration of Beetlejuice Musical typically spans from 2 hours and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 45 minutes, including one intermission.

What is the recommended age for attending Beetlejuice The Musical?

Beetlejuice The Musical is suitable for audiences aged 10 and above. Children under 4 years old are not allowed into the theater.

Is there any audience participation?

No, audience participation is not a part of this musical.

Can I take photos during the performance?

While you are welcome to take selfies and pictures before and after the show, we kindly request that you refrain from taking photos or videos during the performance. This is to ensure that both the performers and other audience members can enjoy the show without distractions.

Which actors are playing in the musical Beatlejuice during the tour?

The cast of Beetlejuice Musical tour includes talented performers such as Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice, Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia Deetz, Kerry Butler as Barbara Maitland, and Rob McClure as Adam Maitland. These actors bring the iconic characters to life with their captivating performances and dynamic stage presence.

Which songs from Beetlejuice Broadway Musical will you remember the most?

Beetlejuice The Musical features an array of memorable songs, including “Dead Mom,” “The Whole ‘Being Dead’ Thing,” “Say My Name,” “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” and “Creepy Old Guy.”

Has the Beetlejuice The Musical tour won any awards?

Indeed, Beatlejuice the Musical received numerous Tony Award nominations during its run on Broadway and national tour. These included nominations for Best Musical, Best Original Score and Best Book of a Musical. Although the musical did not win in these categories, it received critical acclaim and gained a loyal following.